Numa is a dynamic software consultancy specialising in custom built database-driven software applications.

Bespoke Software

Starting with a full understanding of the granularity of a company's operations we refine the requirements and plan the implementation of the new systems. Our bespoke software solutions are always highly tailored to clients' needs to improve their business efficiency, online profile, operational workflow and processes, and ultimately, their productivity.

Database Development

We plan and implement custom-tailored database systems and data warehouses to allow users to manage and extract their mission-critical data in real-time, for both operational and analytical purposes. Our solutions are typically built on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure data platforms to migrate from or integrate with your existing business systems and databases.

Digital DNA Evolution

A company's digital evolution is a crucial path to its success but it may present significant challenges. Our business analysis gets right down into the client's specific domain, teams and tools, to gauge the appropriate scope and pace needed for its digital transformation roadmap. Then we help manage the whole process from planning to implementation, and beyond.

Systems Integration

A typical SME may use a variety of software systems, databases and utilities. Whether legacy or new, proprietary or SaaS, on-premise or cloud-based, there is always valuable information within such disparate tools. We can help deliver huge productivity gains by integrating and streamlining these systems, either internally or with your partners' software. We can implement database synchronisation services, software APIs and modernisation modules that will revolutionise the way your team work.


A strong online presence is no longer considered just an element of a company's image, but it is increasingly an integral part of its business core. Having an e-commerce website is certainly not a luxury, but sometimes it is not simply a matter of deploying an off-the-shelf online shopping platform. Often by implementing a few simple custom extensions, operational tools or integrations with the supply-chain, the functional power and earning potential of a site can be increased enormously.

Stakeholders Portals

Seamless communication is the nirvana when it comes to maintaining a solid relationship with your customers and partners. Offering a secure dedicated portal will ensure these collaborations continue to flow, and grow! In the majority of cases creating a fully-featured custom portal is a relatively simple project to undertake. We can extend your existing systems and databases, and build web software interfaces that can open up a world of possibilities to benefit all stakeholders.


The Numa story

  • 2006

    a man and his dog

    Numa Productions Ltd launched with a tiny team but with decades of collective technical experience. We had one simple motto: keep the complexity on the inside of the software so that its interface is intuitive and easy to use.

  • 2010

    small fish and big ponds

    Four years later we had trebled the size of our small team, but we never believed one has to be a big fish to deliver top-quality bespoke software solutions. We quadruple our projects and turnover, we work for large high-profile organisations but we remain lean and mean. Our clients truly appreciate the value of direct access to the very people who plan and deliver their systems.

  • 2015

    building bonds

    After ten years, our experience in specific sectors deepens and clearly becomes invaluable. The number of projects increases within these domains as we consolidate our team around our clients to maximise knowledge and familiarity. The bond and retention are stronger than ever.

  • 2020

    are we on an island?

    Fifteen years have flown by. Uncertain times out there, and everyone is learning the importance of thinking globally and locally. We strengthen and expand our reach within Europe establishing new collaborations and gaining new clients. We find that flexibility and reliability are key to stability.

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Our Team

A complete range of analysis and programming skills is critical to the success of any software project and our team has several years of experience in our field. But we go well beyond that. We combine analytical power, deep technical expertise, business vision, creative thinking, and a flexible approach, all of which translates into our solid track record.

We are a compact and tightly-knit team of software developers, database engineers, solution architects and business analysts, who, with our project manager will work in close collaboration with the client throughout the life-cycle of a project from planning to delivery, and further along during all its future evolutions.

Usability considerations permeate everything we do. Whether we produce websites, database-driven software solutions, corporate extranets, e-commerce systems, integration services, back-office and trading applications, we firmly believe that information architecture should be placed at the very core of the software development strategy.

Our Clients and Projects

We have worked on a wide range of projects for our client base in UK, Europe and US. We have developed websites, software applications and database systems within a large array of industry sectors, such as film and tv production, fine wine trading, investment and retail, facility management, healthcare, textile and fashion, communications and pr.

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